In the event of a present or immediate attack, we have a right of defense and are not obliged to evade the attack by fleeing. The focus of this right to defense is the "duty of proportionality". This proportionality is required of us in the event of an attack. As we struggle to overcome shock, fear and stress, we are forced to properly recognize the situation, properly react and if necessary, use the weapon.

Such massive compression of events into the smallest unit of time of fractions of a second, reduces our thinking and actions to a purely instinctive reaction, influenced only by mental preparation and completed training. It follows that a gun owner without realistic and situational training, in an emergency situation, is a danger to himself and his environment.

He will react wrongly. And from shot fear finally, or understandable inhibition to kill, also hesitate to shoot.

To shoot or not to shoot? The decision!

The quality to decide without delay and to stick to it is called decisiveness. The word is said to come from deciding, e.g. to take the sword out of its scabbard, because then one has decided between fighting or not fighting. The effects of a decision can be short-, medium- or long-term. Furthermore, the consequences and effects of a decision determine whether it can be reversed or changed, or whether it is irrevocable.

A firing decision is irrevocable!

The consequences? In the best case? To get away narrowly, before the law and with the life!

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