targetmasdr softair

novel training concept

Economical, sustainable and effective


Here and now.

In the office, in the next room. Who cares?

softair weapons

Get your favourite softair weapon.
The weapon feels perfect and repeats when fired as if in live fire.

Train in your usual training clothing (service uniform) and with your regular equipment (holster, magazine pouch). 

Airsoft weapons and magazines fit exactly into your existing equipment.



  • no staff absences (training during working hours)
  • Absence time=training time
  • No additional time expenditure (travel)


  • Save up to 80% of the usual training costs
  • no rental costs for external shooting ranges
  • no travel costs (vehicle, petrol, etc.)
  • minimal operating and maintenance costs
  • rapid planning, procurement and availability
  • no expensive purchase of ammunition


  • no lengthy planning requirements
  • spontaneous, all-time training readiness
  • individual, team or group training
  • immediate cancellation of training in case of emergency
  • no unnecessary staff absences

environmentally friendly

  • no noise emissions
  • no release of toxic dusts and gases
  • no fuel consumption
  • no hazardous waste


  • TARGETMASDR / Softair weapon 
    = high training quality
    (control, analysis, evaluation, etc.)
  • target-oriented training selection and options
  • individualised and needs-based programme settings
  • Precise firing possible up to approx. 12m
  • real world muscle memory


  • no training and injury risks
  • no life or health risks 

Little protective equipment

  • eye protection
  • face masks, if applicable 

Sovereign Investment

Leasing from CHF/€ 15.00 / day

Softair weapons

Training possibilities

  • Loading, unloading the weapon
  • Strokes (standing, kneeling, prone)
  • Stance (Isocelles, Weaver)
  • Grip, trigger finger control
  • Sighting
  • Single shot (precision shot, quick shot or German shot)
  • Multiple shot (f.e. body, head, body)
  • Shooting one-handed, weak/strong hand
  • Two-handed shooting
  • Shooting from the ready position
  • concealed carry
  • Draw, shoot from the different holster positions
    (tactical-, belt- shoulder-, belly-, back-, foot holster)
  • Rapid fire from the holster
  • Verification of the target image
  • Shooting at different distances
  • Shooting from the movement (forward, backward)
  • Shooting behind cover
  • Shooting in poor lighting conditions with torch
  • The rigtht choice of defensive equipment carried on the duty belt 
  • Tactical, dynamic shooting in a team
  • Tactical secure magazine change
  • Improve muscle memory
  • Repeatable realistic Force on Force training
  • and much more